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The village of Amport is in a corner of north-west Hampshire, four miles west of Andover and over 300 ft above sea level, in the valley of Pillhill brook. Originally a ‘great house’ village, being largely built by those who owned Amport House (latterly the Marquess of Winchester, the senior marquess of England), it is now a lively mixed community, having avoided becoming a commuter village or having numerous second homes.

A new generation of younger families have brought new energy into the village, several of them having moved to the country from London.

Activities revolve around the 14th century church, a fine Church of England primary school, the village green (site of school games and a legendary summer fête), the Hawk Inn and the Monxton and Amport Village Hall.

Few tourists come to Amport: there is no through road and the main attraction, the famous Hawk Conservancy, is away from the centre of the village.

Amport is an attractive village containing a number of large properties, old and new, several charming thatched cottages (some of which were built in the 15th and 17th centuries), a number of interesting barn conversions and a converted mews.

Farming and horse breeding have been the local industries for centuries. A friendly rivalry exists between Amport and the neighbouring villages of Monxton, Grateley and Quarley: all four are part of the same church benefice, which in turn is part of a larger team ministry; all four villages come under the aegis of Parish News, which prints ten issues each year.

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Village Voice by Gary Benson

Interview with Gary Benson, assistant curator at the Hawk Conservancy Trust, Amport Parish Council member and resident.