Box Fusion on the Green

I’m qualified as Advanced Personal Trainer (including nutritional advice) and regularly personally train clients at Box Andover and around the surrounding areas.

With regards to the classes at Amport I envisage running two classes a week in the evenings this will be on a Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm for four weeks in total. The maximum number of people will be 16 and will be for age 16+.

I anticipate local people to participate, but it is open for people outside of Amport and surrounding areas. The course will be a four week fundamental course which will teach you the basics of boxing (non contact) such as Jab, Cross, Uppercut etc.. but this is combined with cardio exercises which work the entire body in a great fun workout. I do use music to accompany the sessions but this is on a Bluetooth speaker. The start date of the course being 31st July.