Community Hub Consultation – Update by Chairman

Monxton and Amport Village Hall (MAVH) – Update by Chairman


In the best interests of the Community it has been decided not to proceed with the proposal to build a new village Hall on the current Black Swan car park in liaison with DC Li developers.

Key Issues:
DC Li does not own the land that the substation is currently housed upon.
DC Li could not guarantee sale of Village Green to MPC
DC Li wanted to build a new village Hall and then sell to MPC. (No CIL funding would be available which would make this unaffordable and TVBC would not support due to Section 106).


Funding issue. Community infrastructure levy (CIL) funding and all other grant funding, which we would need to rely upon, would not be available with the DC Li proposal of them building a Village Hall and then selling it to MPC. Therefore, this is totally unaffordable as we would not be able to buy a village hall with reliance solely from community fund raising.
DC Li stated in the draft Heads of Terms that all legal and 106 costs would fall to the Parish council. Again, this would be unaffordable.

Planning permission. Planning permission, as stated by Head of Planning at TVBC (Paul Jackson) would only be granted under a section 106 agreement covering all aspects of the proposed project executed only in the following order: New village Hall; houses on car park; new house on current village hall site; pub conversion.

Ownership of site. The proposed village hall site is not fully owned by DC Li Developers as SSE owns the substation site and SSE have access rights over the car park to the substation. Monxton Parish Council would not be in a position to pay for this cost up front.
The only proposal that would be acceptable to Monxton Parish Council (MPC) would be an agreed Heads of Terms including sale to MPC of the freehold (including the village green) prior to any building work commencing.


£43,595.88 has been raised to date in terms of fund raising, donations and local grants.
Up until now only the following has been spent:
£70 for the survey carried out between July – October 18.  £50 for Poster printing. £9 for Land Registry search fee.

Request for the CIL contributions for new builds in Monxton to be given to MAVH: £7400
£5000 donation of £7523.35 from Black Swan fund has already been agreed to be redirected to MAVH fund. All other donors will be contacted.

On Sun 24 March there is a Monxton Village clean up (10-12) followed by lunch in the Village Hall to include a brainstorming afternoon for Proposed Village Hall ideas and options.

Penny Kitson (Chair)