Rob Jones – Husse Pet Nutritionist

I own a wonderful Flatcoat Retriever and a mischievous Scroggy Mog, every time I went to get pet food for them, there was little in the way of guidance to help me understand what the right product for their specific dietary needs was. I didn’t feel I was alone with this quest; it was easy to be swayed by brand with claims made but, what is the actual case?

Digestion is vital and with the super-premium pet foods Husse offers, you can achieve up to 92% digestibility on dry food, therefore you feed less and help the weight control of your pet, therefore the cost of feeding per day is lower. The meat protein used in the food is all fit for human consumption (no fur and feathers here and not through meat derivatives with Soya) and through intensive research we have formulated the correct levels of minerals and nutrients etc.. to support the dietary needs from puppy or kitten to adult and senior.

I really think Husse has a huge amount to offer your pet and I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and understand all about your pet needs and if you like, set you up on a free trial to demonstrate how good Husse is. I can be reached at or 07305 060690 or via Facebook.