Grateley & District W.I.

Meetings are held in Grateley Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30 pm.
We have walks in the surrounding countryside with friends and dogs.
All visitors and friends are welcome.

President: Jacki Shearer 01980 629525
V. President: Jackie Hasler
Secretary: Lorraine Crabb
Laurie Beaves

2017 Programme

Dates Meetings and Events Speaker
5 January
2 February
3 March
6 April
11 May
1 June
6 July
3 August
7 September
5 October
2 November
7 December
In-house entertainment, quiz & Fish & Chips
Keeping safe on the Internet
From Goats to Garments (spinning demo)
Petticoat Pilot

Off site – History of Abbotts Ann Church
Suffering Suffragettes
Group Social Evening
What did you do in the War Grannie?
History of Greeting Cards
Celebrating our 50th Birthday
A Celebratory History of Christmas

Mr D Bevis
Mrs J Rogers
Mrs A Chance

Mr G Howard
Mrs J Glennie

Mr Dan Allen
Gina Ireland

Mr A Thomas